Thursday, April 2, 2009

"we believe in a land of love..."

just woke up from an amazing dream.
i was back in time and it was the 1980s. secret crush was there and we were running through an old elementary school. the school was built like a house, and i was looking for the nurse's office. i was nicely informed that it was the infirmary. once inside, i began a search for drugs. i couldn't find any, and at that moment the nurse came through the door. i grabbed secret crush and pressed our lips together. "the perfect kiss"--by new order started to play. the nurse began yelling in her sharp accent.
i informed her that i was from the future and threw an electric toothbrush at her. secret crush and i ran back through the hallways.

it was seriously movie magic. damn.
more blog later on entertainment stuff. so much to discuss.