Monday, May 25, 2009

ewww those sulfates.

sulfate free shampoos. i know you're probably thinking how boring! but no no no! it's interesting. i have thick wavy hair which doesn't like many shampoos. either they make my hair TOO dry or don't clean it enough. i used to keep 3 different shampoos on hand to try to trick my hair into submission.
ages ago, a former hairstylist of mine used enjoy products on my stubborn locks. i was amazed! no way! i was fooled into believing that this could only be done at the salon. my hair rarely ever looks salon hot.
i pushed it to the back of my mind, and kept on using boring old shampoo. sodium laureth sulfate and other sulfates that are in shampoos and body washes can also be found in household cleaning products. why would i want to use a cleanser for both my hair and my windows?! yeah, i know. gross. and scary!
i've used several sulfate free shampoos since then, but my favorite is enjoy. it is a little expensive ($50 for both shampoo and conditioner), but the sulfate free organix line can be purchased at target/walmart ($10-12 for shampoo and conditioner). i used the coconut which works like a dream, but i decided to switch it up.
now i need to find a good organic body wash!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

nice little post.

been listening to:


may 68

magic wands

day 2 of sugar/caffeine/alcohol detox is finally over. i've been quite the bitch the past few days. ughh. lots of sleep to follow.
star trek was better than expected. chris pine and zachary quinto were HOT.
finished all the inbetweeners episodes. kinda sad. i need to find a new show! i might try to finish skins up. who knows. i've been picky with tv lately.
been wearing tons of black lately. whats up with that? mysterious!?