Wednesday, February 25, 2009

something? nothing.

i've been a little productive today. mostly i've been hiding from the research paper rough draft. ugh. 10 pages in two days. i can do it, however it's going to be nasty and gross.
my eyes are dry and burning. it only happens here, must be something in the air. little somethings into my eyes! aaaah! that's scary.

this morning, i crazily drank a protein shake. i think i might become addicted and will soon look like a.c. slater if he stopped working out. no, no. the weight loss is progressing. i still feel gross, but that's because i haven't been working out. lady gaga's cd will do the trick i think. nothing like the top 40 to motivate me!

i signed up for classes! just math and physical science. i keep thinking that the science class will be filled with the nerdy scientist from the simpsons. i don't do science. or math. it's too messy. well, not messy because there's formulas for everything. it's just dullstime to me.
give me popular culture jeopardy! i can excel at that! or maybe family feud.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

little faces

let's dance to joy division/and celebrate the irony/everything is going wrong/but we're so happy

it's tuesday. movies later.
i had dirty dreams of past things and imaginary parties. condoms were found in bathtubs and doors were left unlocked. (note: condoms in bathtubs have never played themselves into my reality.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

three pm.

i think im gonna type in little lines
about my life

non rollerskater
(i wouldn't
to celine dion anyway)
little spoons
pendant necklaces
holiday socks
(i adore)
almost been
alive 9500 days
i havent done
the red squigglies
on eyeballs
freak me out
like that guy
from bones
my room equals my life
what a mess
created by me

Friday, February 20, 2009


i cut my hair just now.
it's just symmetrical. a little boring, but the shape is nice.

i want to go somewhere. i keep thinking vancouver or los angeles.
probably in june.

made a bet with my sister. i told her i could lose eighteen lbs by my birthday. it may seem a little unrealistic, but crazier things have happened.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

venti refresh.

it's been a rough morning. didn't sleep the best last night. going through sugar and cafienne withdrawals. it's pretty ugly. however, these gems from the marc jacobs and marc by marc jacobs fall 2009 collections have brightened me up. the dress is spectacular. i need it now.
and the male model is just pretty and shows the garments well.
i'm also strangely excited to see robert pattinson and zac efron each present at the oscars. it's been rumored that a certain role is being offered to rpattz, and efron is a wee bit jealous.
i've been craving a sweaty boy fight.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"chopped his body off.."

oh new blog! i haven't been cheating on you. i've been busy with other things, but i have returned to you.
things have been changing, but it's for the better.
restarted the diet. (this time i'm serious.)
signing up for classes very soon! (astronomy, physical science, math)
downsizing clothes/other belongings (my room is a disaster. the worst it's ever been EVER)

i'm excited. i feel old.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

post it note.

tings tings 4/13 @ doug fir
glasvegas 4/14 @ wonder ballroom
bloc party 4/22 @ roseland
the kills 5/17 @ wonder ballroom
coldplay 7/10 @ clark county amp.

i just realized all the artists are from the same area. it's confirmed. i'm a wee bit obsessed.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"never quite as it seems...'cause you're a dream to me.."

i googled 1994. this cover managed to make its way to the top. mondays usually freak me out. this monday was just like the others. i was determined to find out about finishing school, but then i fell into a time vortex. listening to the cranberries and remembering how things used to be. how depressing. i miss little things from the mid-90s...neon clothing, commercials, goose lake, hypercolor shirts, my so called life.
on the drive home, i completely spaced out. i know that there's something more out there. it's exciting, but what is it?
i feel like reality bites.
how can one feel like a film?
maybe it's the film feeling like me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i-five thoughts.

each morning i wake up with a different feeling. yesterday's was "maybe i'll be a teacher!" this morning was "i wanna go to nyc!" when one's mind is constantly racing from one idea to the next, it's difficult to pin down what direction to go.

i find myself in that situation all the time. if i decide to do this, then i feel like i should have done something else. there are bigger and better things just outside my reach, and i don't know if i will be able to extend that far.

however, this morning's peppermint tea is top.

spring schedule was finally released! yaycakes. (who says yaycakes?! boo!)

oooh and it's payday.