Saturday, July 25, 2009


this heat is killing me. i like to layer.
boo. i can't wait for autumn. it will be magnif!
probably going to buy my airplane ticket within the next month....which equals a pretty boring clump of months.
i will be taking classes anyways, so the social life will be extra super lame.

in other news, i look far too much into things. gotta keep my head on proper.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

my currents:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"i know what exactly what you want from me.."

aahh. it's saturday almost afternoon and i'm sitting here in dr. seuss pj pants.
god, i think i just lost some sort of points for that. anyway, i'm just avoiding starting today.
i don't know why. i'm meeting up with an old friend later. could be cool. will be cool. lately, i've been refriending lost friends. it's an odd feeling, but it's nice. some more nicer than others.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a little list:

there are so many things that i want to do like right now:

+read all the books on my hold list!
+finish school. grrr. i'm such a lazy!
+travel travel travel travel travel travel
+take an hour shower
+not answer the phone
+see all the movies i've been so excited for
(500 days of summer, public enemies, where the wild things are, youth in revolt, hp6)
+take a monster sized nap
+roast some marshmellows
+stop worrying about every little thing
+make a new totebag.

Monday, July 13, 2009

gurgle and such.

this morning, i stepped on the scale. i was a little shocked, but not crazy shocked. today is a detox day 1. the fridge is CRAMMED with water and i'm going BANISH the hell out of pop, caffeine, and sugar. processed foods? DONE. fast food? EWWW and done. alcohol? I will miss alcohol, yet it will be making an appearance every now and then. Dairy? BYEBYEBYE. NO, i don't have an eating disorder. wouldn't i look a lot thinner if i was? come on now.

besides several million trips to the restroom, i'm feeling pretty good. i've done this previously, so i know today will be hell.....BUT worth it.
the piercing has restricted eating and nervous nailbiting. (a plus!)

alone at the office again. not fun. not bad though. singing to myself. trying to remember the words to kissoff.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Three let me see what you've got, what you're made of, what you're not.."

it feels wrong to update because i'm a little bored, but i need to show this blog a little love.
things currently racing in my thoughts:

*what's up with tie-dye making a comeback? i don't get it. it didn't look good when i was 10, and it looks even worse now.
*i've been wearing more black lately. i think i'm mourning something in advance.
*half my lip is still puffy... i look like i should be drooling all over.
*watched harry potter 1&5 last night...i couldn't help wanting to get someone to hold daniel radcliffe down so SOMEONE could tame those eyebrows. really now, they could start a colony of their own.
*i should really pick up skins soundtrack
*still haven't seen public enemies yet. i need to hurry up on that.
*maybe i should just study abroad....possibly troublesome?
*saw a girl with scary legs.. i wanted to tell her no. no. no. eat a little something and never wear that dress again.
*i feel strange walking down the international foods aisle
*mint waxed floss.
*i think i scare small children
*what the hell is up with sasha fierce? i don't get it? is it like a garth brooks-chris gaines thing?
*i think i'm going to fuck it all up
*i miss writing letters
*this is all for now. ps- lily allen in i-d magazine? OOOH!