Monday, January 26, 2009

peanut butter for breakfast

i did indeed have pb for breakfast, yet that salmonella pb scare remains in effect. i think it's just in cookies and processed food products. i'll find out soon enough.
on the way to work, i was listening to the radio, and i heard the most annoying advert. mcdonalds is promoting their new fancy coffees that are now available, however their assumption that all other "coffeehouse" patrons are into indie rock, french cinema, and not bathing is untrue. It's an outrage! (which is funny because...i like indie rock and french film...and i didn't wash my hair this morning because i slept through the alarm.)
I don't hear/see health-conscious food establishments advertising their new products to "obese, lazy, smelly customers"! Subway does lean towards the healthy marketing tactics of showing overweight people eating fast food and buttons flying off their clothes, but they don't stereotype these consumers.