Wednesday, February 25, 2009

something? nothing.

i've been a little productive today. mostly i've been hiding from the research paper rough draft. ugh. 10 pages in two days. i can do it, however it's going to be nasty and gross.
my eyes are dry and burning. it only happens here, must be something in the air. little somethings into my eyes! aaaah! that's scary.

this morning, i crazily drank a protein shake. i think i might become addicted and will soon look like a.c. slater if he stopped working out. no, no. the weight loss is progressing. i still feel gross, but that's because i haven't been working out. lady gaga's cd will do the trick i think. nothing like the top 40 to motivate me!

i signed up for classes! just math and physical science. i keep thinking that the science class will be filled with the nerdy scientist from the simpsons. i don't do science. or math. it's too messy. well, not messy because there's formulas for everything. it's just dullstime to me.
give me popular culture jeopardy! i can excel at that! or maybe family feud.