Friday, March 27, 2009

" i stop breathing then i cried......"

this weekend:
making mixes for various out of town friends (some guilty pleasure songs will be on there. just a little embarrassing)
rearranging of the bedroom. ( taking down old old posters, moving around the bed.)
lots of gossip girl and l word.

oh!oh!oh! shoedazzle emailed me about march's shoe selection. they are claiming that i didn't skip the month. i swear i did. they are all ugly ugly selections this time around. the test isn't too accurate. i guess i just like boring shoes. if my feeties were super cute then maybe i can see myself wearing a open toe wedge. MAYBE.

i really hate the "in-between" stage of dieting. i want to buy new clothes, but i know i won't be this size for long.

my haircut is finally starting to look somewhat normalish. i overheard my sister tell someone that it is a spock cut. okay, okay i can understand that. could it just be to my shoulders like right now? dammit. spock, she-hulk, cupcake, dutchboy!