Friday, August 21, 2009

get it right!

I should have more exciting things to blog about, but I’ve been just floating about.
I haven’t washed my hair in two days. IT’S EXTREME for me. I’m turning into Robert Pattinson v. 2.0. Doesn’t suit me. AT ALL.

Last night, I went to Best Buy to look for some albums that I’ve been craving. I don’t miss working there at all. I felt like employees were watching me like I was going to steal ten cds. Yeah right. There weren’t 10 cds worth pinching!
Anyway, I felt like I needed to buy something so I wouldn’t look crazy. Kaiser Chiefs cd. It’s alright. I think I can work it into my rotation soon enough.
Found myself at Target in the little boys clothing section. I did find a cute vampire fangs shirt. I know…I know… what’s with the vampireness? I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t Twilight or True Blood related though. I may be okay to get away with it!

The checkout lines at Target were a little packed, so I just stood there dazing out into space and looking at random gossip magazines. Two dudes end up in line behind me. I peeked into the one guy’s shopping basket and this is what I saw:

A HUGE BOX of condoms
Chewing gum
Axe body spray (Or Lynx if you’re overseas)
A roll of Tums
A tin of Altoids

I don’t want to know what kind of party was going on. This guy had the balls to glare at my purchases! It wasn’t nasty! A t-shirt, Gossip Girl Season 2, a gift card, and a Diet Pepsi. Nothing strange. I mean I guess I could get odd with a Diet Pepsi, but no thanks.

My eyebrow waxer lady messed up my left eyebrow. I look like the Riddler! Like I’m always pondering something. Maybe it’s just me. Ugh.

Had Strongbow for the first time the other night. I think I shall stay away from it. Ended up going to a show that night….let’s just say I somehow ended up on stage and calling Canada. 1.5 hour drunk dial @ .39 cents a min = $35.10. I should just leave my phone at home while going out. I’m usually breaking it or losing other possessions of mine. I think a homeless man in Portland still has my debit card.

I’ve learned my lesson. Stay clean, Don’t drink Strongbow, Keep your eyes on your own Target purchases, and most importantly Don’t wear any green for a good while.