Wednesday, November 4, 2009

little thoughts.

so this post is going to be a bit mixed up. it's going lots of places, but it's just my thought process.

11 days until new doctor who special. ( i really don't want to see DT leave! the new guy has no eyebrows. CREEPYVILLE!)

16 days until new moon. (give me shit right now. i'm ALMOST expecting it. pretty, sparkly, and's just calling out my name.)

21 days until the xx and friendly fires. i haven't been to a show in forever. i miss live music.

i was walking around the office with soup on my boob. it wasn't a pretty sight. suggestive? no. sloppy? yes.

i'm ready to power down for the night. i thought i had a bunch more to say, but really i'm just staring at my bed.