Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Three let me see what you've got, what you're made of, what you're not.."

it feels wrong to update because i'm a little bored, but i need to show this blog a little love.
things currently racing in my thoughts:

*what's up with tie-dye making a comeback? i don't get it. it didn't look good when i was 10, and it looks even worse now.
*i've been wearing more black lately. i think i'm mourning something in advance.
*half my lip is still puffy... i look like i should be drooling all over.
*watched harry potter 1&5 last night...i couldn't help wanting to get someone to hold daniel radcliffe down so SOMEONE could tame those eyebrows. really now, they could start a colony of their own.
*i should really pick up skins soundtrack
*still haven't seen public enemies yet. i need to hurry up on that.
*maybe i should just study abroad....possibly troublesome?
*saw a girl with scary legs.. i wanted to tell her no. no. no. eat a little something and never wear that dress again.
*i feel strange walking down the international foods aisle
*mint waxed floss.
*i think i scare small children
*what the hell is up with sasha fierce? i don't get it? is it like a garth brooks-chris gaines thing?
*i think i'm going to fuck it all up
*i miss writing letters
*this is all for now. ps- lily allen in i-d magazine? OOOH!