Monday, July 13, 2009

gurgle and such.

this morning, i stepped on the scale. i was a little shocked, but not crazy shocked. today is a detox day 1. the fridge is CRAMMED with water and i'm going BANISH the hell out of pop, caffeine, and sugar. processed foods? DONE. fast food? EWWW and done. alcohol? I will miss alcohol, yet it will be making an appearance every now and then. Dairy? BYEBYEBYE. NO, i don't have an eating disorder. wouldn't i look a lot thinner if i was? come on now.

besides several million trips to the restroom, i'm feeling pretty good. i've done this previously, so i know today will be hell.....BUT worth it.
the piercing has restricted eating and nervous nailbiting. (a plus!)

alone at the office again. not fun. not bad though. singing to myself. trying to remember the words to kissoff.