Tuesday, September 1, 2009

17 again (not the movie)

ugh. currently in a food coma.
damn you broccoli cheese soup!
tuesday! what can i say?
another boring day. i'm slowly turning into a hermitess.
(is that even a word?) it sounds much more elegant.
i'm going to use it from now on. thank you very much.

today is my sister's 17th birthday. i immediately feel ANCIENT.
(did i spell that right? spelling rules escape me)
i remember 17 too well. what a silly one.
trouble! trouble! trouble!
(i'm still a bit of mischief, but not quite that bad..)

you know what? i keep waiting for something to happen.
day after day, week after week... i go through the motions waiting
for a great something to happen to change my life.
i still catch myself thinking i'm living in a secret movie.
i still feel like everyone is looking at me.
extraordinary things are up to me. i need to give fate a little bump.

17 was less complicated more 90210. everything SEEMED like a life-death
situation. didn't i know? no. i still don't know.