Wednesday, September 16, 2009

simmmmah down nawwwwww

i just tried to use lotion as hair gel. i can't leave it flat. lotion adds a little kick to it, but i guess the big hair will have to wait.

i'm sitting in my office at 12:30p staring at an open can of diet dr. pepper. half day dreaming about frozen spaghetti and coffee. i keep telling myself that there are only 4 hours left. i'm half way through....blahhh.
BUT it isn't over then. i must trek to the bank to see hot teller man. i am pretty sure if he was english i would jump over the counter like a lion. i wouldn't be taking any money...just ripping clothes.

ANYWAY, my calendar tells me (yes, it talks to me when i want it to) that next tuesday is the FIRST DAY OF FALL. YES! layering galore.